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Work Experiences

2009 - Private banker

2005-2008 -
Promoter & partner of Giampietro Consulting.

- Financial Advisor and Execution Trader (Banca Sella). Primarily responsible for buying and selling derivatives, shares and bonds on behalf of private clients in the italian and foreign markets (Idem, Eurex, Cme).

2003-2004Financial Advisory to a Rome based financial firm (belonging to Mr. Leonardo Quagliata & Partners) concerning the evaluation of derivatives’ trading strategies and settlement.

– Trainee in Banca del Salento - Customer Relationship Management courses.

Master: Postgraduate Programme in "Management of Energy Resources" - 8th edition – Safe -Energy Resources and Environmental Sustainability

University: Degree in Financial Economics (110/110), at La Sapienza University, Rome.

High School: “Maturitá classica”, at Liceo Classico Orazio, Rome.

Training Programs
March 2004: Salon de l’Analyse Technique & Graphique des Marchés Financiers, 5ème édition. Paris.

April 2002: S.I.A.T. 3rd Convention (Societá Italiana Analisti Tecnici – “Italian Firm of Financial Technical Analysts”). Perugia.

June 1999: S.I.A.T. 2nd Convention. Vietri sul mare (Salerno).

October 1998: S.I.A.T. International Convention of Financial Technical Analysts. Rome.

Computer Literacy

All Windows applications currently used on job, as well as Bloomberg, Reuters, Tenfore, eSignal, Teleborsa.

Italian: Mother tongue
English: Fluent (written and oral): summer courses in Edimburg (1987), San Francisco (1991), London(1995).
Spanish: Fluent (written and oral): summer courses in Madrid in 1995.
German: Basic: 6 months in Switzerland (Zürich) in 1994.

Interest & Activities
I am an extremely keen traveller. Among others, I have been to
Brasil in 2006, Argentina in 2004-2007, Cuba in 2000, Mexico 1993, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand in 1992, California 1991 (where I also attended an English for International Business course).

I enjoy reading, eating out and meeting people.

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